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  • Radically simplify marketing, sales, and growth planning

    RACERS Model is a strategic framework that radically simplifies marketing, sales, and growth planning. It includes everything GTM teams need to build their best positioning, messaging, and growth strategies based on their Ideal Buyer and revenue goal.

  • About the Author

    RACERS Model was created by Chad Fife to integrate all customer-facing elements of a modern Go-to-Market plan. Chad has 20+ years growing, leading, and launching companies and brands of all sizes including at Pearson, PSI Services, Talview, Cognella, Nurse.com, and GoGenies. Starting in 1997 in network security sales, he pursued an MBA and became interested in Go-to-Market strategies. He worked for education startups before spending fifteen years running Marketing for three HR Tech companies. Chad built the RACERS GTM Model to help marketing and sales teams easily align their goals, campaigns, and daily work around the customer in a more integrated manner.


    More Background: So RACERS seems kind of catchy and interesting, but why do I need it? Over his career, Chad was always meeting with his marketing teams, product leaders, Sales VPs, and CEOs trying to track the readiness (pre launch) and progress (post launch) of a new product or brand. What he realized was most teams lacked a common language and framework to discuss their strengths and gap areas from "launch through user retention." So conversations often became too silo-ed and linear, instead of integrated and fluid. He also saw something that wasn't being talked about enough: that achieving sales goals is as much a measure of organizational focus and product appeal as it is sales ability. The best salesperson can't overcome a poorly planned product or spray-and-pray marketing approach. Both of these realizations gave Chad the drive to create an A-Z GTM program like RACERS.


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