• Ready to Run as ONE?

    Give your Marketing, Sales, and CS team ONE roadmap with your next product launch

  • The Problem

    Over Chad Fife's career leading marketing and product launches, he saw teams having the same problem over and over: Lack of alignment and clarity around who the ideal buyer is and what the optimal positioning and demand gen campaign language should be. This led to huge inefficiences, re-work, and a general lack of consensus by executives and team members speaking to the same clients every day. Then once clients came on board, Client Success teams would use different value messaging than Marketing and Sales. And the cycle would repeat!

    The Solution

    Like following an exercise plan to get in better shape, there’s a sequence to efficiently launching a product or targeting a new market. It doesn't need to be re-invented every quarter! RACERS Model includes "everything you need to build an awesome go-to-market plan in one succinct framework" and has been market-tested. It aligns client facing teams to drive home a shared set of value points along the customer lifecycle. Let’s make your next launch your best ever!