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    Win Your Market

    RACERS Model is a go-to market framework that helps you achieve your best positioning, messaging, and growth planning in record time

  • Unlock New Strategies. Positioning Ideas. Messaging Themes. Growth Plans. RACERS Is Your GTM Framework.

  • Who is RACERS For?

    RACERS benefits everyone in your organization - from founders to marketing & sales teams

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    Founders & Startups

    Founding teams need a strong foundation, sales pitch, and reason to believe before launching their product to the world

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    Marketing Teams

    Marketing teams can build 100% of their market positioning, messaging, and lead gen action planning around the 6 steps

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    Sales & Service Teams

    Sales and customer success teams can build on top of the plans Marketing implements to encourage repeat business

  • What Our Clients Say

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    Mark, HR Tech CEO (Engage & Scale Phase)

    "Chad facilitated a great series of strategy discussions with his RACERS program that gave us new high-level messaging and creative ideas for growth that we're excited to put into action!"

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    Nidal, Pre-Launch Founder (Position Phase)

    “Chad's RACERS framework has inspired us to find our best voice in a crowded market. We're using it to build our optimal positioning and go-to-market messaging as we launch our software."

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    Helen, Ed Tech CEO (Reach Phase)

    “Chad did a great job capturing our product differentiators. We still use his copy today!!"

  • Improve your GTM results with RACERS

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